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Elegant, original and practical a special capsule collection designed for those who are passionate about cooking, created in tandem with Davide Oldani, one of the greatest chefs of Italian cuisine.

Pot holders, oven mitts, tea towels, aprons, runners, table mats and napkins with loops, in three different colours: red, black and black and white gingham, inspired by the fabrics used in D’O.

An original gift idea that adds a touch of style to the time you spend dining with family and friends!

On sale online at and in selected stores in Italy and Switzerland.

“My POP cuisine comes from a desire to mix the basics with well made, the good with the accessible, and innovation with tradition. I am convinced that Italian cooking is great – not just because of its variety and taste – because it is open to constant reinterpretation. I’ve done it simply, by enhancing all the ingredients and making seasonality and high quality ingredients two of my cardinal rules.”

Davide Oldani, creator of pop cuisine

Davide Oldani, creator of – high quality and affordable – pop cuisine opened his restaurant, the D’O, in his home town of Cornaredo, province of Milan, in 2003. After a year of activity, the most authoritative food guides listed him among the best chefs of Italian cuisine.

Before opening D’O, he worked alongside Gualtiero Marchesi, Albert Roux, Alain Ducasse, and Pierre Hermé.

In December 2008 he received the Ambrogino d’Oro medal from the City Council of Milan.

In November 2013 he was invited to Harvard to give a talk on his business experience, following a case history study on his restaurant, published in the Harvard Business School Review: economists at the university defined his approach and organization of work as being applicable to different categories and not only to the restaurant industry.

In March 2015, he held a lesson at the HEC Business University in Paris.
In May 2014 he saw the opening of the Davide Oldani Cafè – in the new luxury plaza at Milan’s Malpensa Airport.

He was appointed EXPO 2015 Ambassador and in the same year he was invited as a speaker to the World Business Forum of Milan.

His books include: Cuoco andata e ritorno (2008), La mia cucina pop, L’arte di caramellare i sogni (2009), Pop. La nuova grande cucina italiana (2010), Il giusto e il gusto (2012), Storie di sport e cucina (2013), Chefacile (2013), Pop Food (2015), and D’O eat better (2016). He has been working with monthly magazine, La Cucina Italiana, for 16 years.

He has a weekly column in Sport Week, talking about pop cuisine and sport, and he also writes for the blog Chiacchierando con gusto in IoDonna – the women’s magazine of Corriere delle Sera.

In 2016, he opened a restaurant in Manila, one in Singapore and he opened a new D’O, an evolution of the previous restaurant, to create a “bigger” cuisine that can take on other cuisines in our country and more. In the summer of the same year, he was nominated by CONI Food & Sport Ambassador and he was invited as chef to Casa Italia on occasion of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

His design work, based on daily observation of guests, reflects his cooking activity: tables, chairs, plates, cutlery and glasses, are inspired by POP: simple, functional and elegant.

His brands created for design are: “IDish” – “assiette D’O” – “H2D’O”.
His new formats are: “FOO’D” – “Davide Oldani Cafè” – “CucinaPOP”.