The recipes


Five special recipes created by Davide Oldani and designed to make the time you spend entertaining guests in your kitchen truly special.

The typical flavours of the territories and the tastes of tradition receive an innovative makeover from the chef, ready to share his secrets in the kitchen.

You’ll find a host of original dishes oozing with creativity, such as: “Strawberry and basil salad, pamplemousse slush”, “Sardines and butter”, “Rainbow trout, wood sorrel and port”, “Carrot and chocolate”, “Cooked-raw, soft-crunchy, acid-alkaline: asparagus”.

“My POP cuisine comes from a desire to mix the basics with well made, the good with the accessible, and innovation with tradition. I am convinced that Italian cooking is great – not just because of its variety and taste – because it is open to constant reinterpretation. I’ve done it simply, by enhancing all the ingredients and making seasonality and high quality ingredients two of my cardinal rules.”

Davide Oldani, creator of pop cuisine